Need advice on replacing car dvd player - have roof mounted screen but need new player

    Hi. The in-car entertainment system comprising a roof mounted screen and separate under-seat player needs replacing (well, the player does). For a while now, it has played cd's but each time you insert a dvd it says 'no disc'. Done all the usual lens cleaning but to no avail. So with a long journey ahead of us next weekend, we are thinking of replacing the under-seat player. It is a Centurion (not my choice I may add) but I don't know what model off hand. Does anyone have any sound advice about what to replace it with - should it be simple enough to remove the cables from this one and insert into the new one or will it be more involved than this. Any help would be gratefully received. Don't have a budget - just wanna see what my options are first. Nothing too pricey though! Thanks, Liz


    Hi, just wondering how old the player is? because it may be within the warranty period.
    It seems like a laser fault and if within warranty they should fix or replace it for free.

    What type of video input does the screen have?
    Because if it has a composite input (yellow circle) then you could just get a power inverter and a small normal dvd player.

    A composite video input looks like this:

    Power Inverter:
    Converts a cigarette lighter to a mains plug, so you can use a normal dvd player.

    A small dvd player like this which should be quite cheap:

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    Hi. Thanks for that. I haven't a clue about the screen's video input. There are no visible cables or sockets as it is roof mounted and somehow plugged into the player beneath the driver's seat. There seem to be a number of yellow, white and red phono sockets on the player (I think) - like the ones you put into a scart adapter so I guess that's what you're meaning. The car is 2004 and have a feeling the player was dealer fitted but not seem that much use even so. It is a possible temporary solution though not as permanent as I'd like, but I won't rule out the suggestion. Was hoping to get a replacement player though. We already have a couple of portable dvd players. I will check and see if they have any of these component thingys that I could plug the screen into. Would be cheap to do anyhow. Great info by the way and useful for using my laptop in the car (not whilst I'm driving though, eh?!!)
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