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Need advice please - neighbour says i hit her car but i didn't

Posted 19th Jan 2014
Hi, my next door neighbour came round last night and said I had hit his girlfriends car and left some scratches on the door and bumper. She parks next to me when she stays over at his house. There are a couple of small blue scratches on the door but the bumper has black scratches. My car is blue and hers is white .. I have a few scratches on my car but I can't honestly say when I got them. There is no white paint on my car ... She said her damage is going to cost £2500 (there are no dents)? ... I don't want to fall out with them but I don't want to pay for damage I'm not 100% sure I did... She said it was done in the last few days and it was someone where she works that noticed it....... Could I of hit her car and not known?
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