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Posted 30th Dec 2019
Hi guys,
I am hoping somebody with more knowledge than me might be able to give me some help on which is the best laptop to buy. I’m looking to get my wife a belated Xmas present of a laptop for her to use while she is doing her MBA. I was hoping this would just require a simple search on google however the “best” choice is much larger than I anticipated. I am looking at a budget of between £500-£1000 but am lost in a sea of surface, macbooks etc.

Thanks for any help you are able to give, and if not I hope you have a very Happy New Year
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just pop into currys and compare the ones in your budget. dont forget to factor in software and perhaps a printer?
it's a lot of questions here but it should help you out to narrow down the laptops you can find. There's probably a few questions i've missed lol.

Do you want Windows 10 or Mac or Chrome OS?
Do you want a 2in1 foldable laptop/ tablet with detachable keyboard/ standard laptop clamshell?

The following questions should be rearranged to your order of importance:
-Does she need to use any particular programs that would require powerful hardware? if yes, consider a laptop with dedicated graphics (1050/1050ti/1650/1660/2060)
-Is the laptop just for the MBA, browsing online, facebook, netflix? if yes, then integrated graphics should be fine.
-Does long battery life matter?
-Does the screen size matter? Bigger 15/17 inch screens but you have to carry around a heavy laptop or smaller 13/14
-Do you want touchscreen?
-Are connectivity Input/Output ports important and how many do you need? USB-Type A, USB-Type C, HDMI, ethernet, SD card reader, headphone port. Unless you carry a dongle with the laptop, then 1 or 2 USB-Type C ports should be fine.

I quite like these laptops Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre 13 x360, HP Envy, Lenovo C940/C930, Acer Swift 5, Lenovo Yoga 730.
Thanks for your help and input I will have a look at the ones you recom
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Stay7831/12/2019 09:05

Thanks for your help and input I will have a look at the ones you recom

You're welcome.
Also if you can, try them out, like what @tardytortoise said above, sometimes the keyboard layout/feeling and touchpad experience might affect the one you actually want.
seems everyone is asking about what laptop to buy, lol.

for a student's needs, you don't need anything fancy, just a decent basic laptop will do. you don't need to spend more than £400 to get a decent laptop. have a look on the deal section, loads on there are the moment for around £400 or under.
Hi Stay78. Hope you're well.

I wanted to draw your attention to this thread/deal. It's gained a lot of heat, and for good reason. It's a great price for an "all rounder" and sounds like just the thing you might be looking for - and a lot less than your budget. Never a bad thing, eh?…356

Take a look for yourself and read some of the comments from other members. It has many singing it's praises, based on value for money.

All the very best, Phsy.
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