Need advice on the boiler replacement government grant

Posted 21st Nov 2021
we've got our boiler replaced using the grant and it was a conversion job so the boiler was moved from living room to kitchen and as a result there's a area in the living which now looks ugly and needs plastering and painting and new pipes were also installed in the kitchen and exposed on the wall.

it's the weekend now so can't check with the company but does anyone know if the company who installed also does the cleaning up after in terms of plastering... and whether the grant covers this - so we can plan ahead and communicate with the company accordingly.

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    I doubt thru would do anything cosmetic. If you had a hole in the wall they will fill it
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    they won't. you will need to do the work yourself or employ someone to do this.

    i doubt the grant would cover this either.
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    You should have or have seen some sort of documentation either online or posted to you that confirm what work is undertaken under the grant. How did you apply online?

    All things like this have T's & C's and you should have some sort of paper copy or email or something confirming what is and is not done. Double check it to be sure.

    As already stated above. Unless they have already told you they are coming back. I doubt they will do any cosmetic work either. It's always the bare minimum necessary.
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