Need an advice on external HDD purchase.

    hi all!

    I am looking forward purchasing an external HDD of 1-2TB volume.

    The ports I currently have on my machine is USB2.0 and eSATA.

    thought, you might advise me on what would be the best price/quality purchase.

    additional question: is it worth to buy 2.5 HDD and insert it into an enclosure?



    3.5 drives are usually in a case that needs a power supply
    2.5 drives are usb and far more portable
    So it depends on your needs, large and cheap or small/portable and dearer
    Get a usb connection in either case
    Just get the cheapest of what ever size you need, all HD's are fairly reliable nowadays

    It depends a little on what you want from the drive.

    USB powered 2.5" drives give acceptable read performance but are usually quite slow to write to - if you need somthing to carry around with you as extra capacity then they are ideal.
    Externally powered drives are usually far faster so if you're wanting to take backups to the drive then they may be the best option.

    Externally powered drives are usually cheaper per GB.

    SATA external drives (eSATA) are usually more expensive and write speeds are 2-3 times faster than USB 2.0 - if you're wanting to use the external drive for video processing etc. then you'd probably need eSATA.

    I'm no expert - just speaking from my experience of the drive types
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