Need an inbuilt oven/hob

Hi. This oven set here (http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/479070/samsung-pkg001-stainless-steel-elec) looks really good, I need a new one and my kitchen is being refitted so I need a new one asap.

Unfortunately, the two deals mentioned on that thread have shot up in price to about £500, which is annoying as if I do a google search for BF641C1, it still finds results for prices in the £300-odd range.


I even tried phoning appliances online to try to get it at the google advertised price, but no good.

The best alternative I've found is this for £370:


Never heard of trueshopper, and the site looks a bit poor. Any opinions?


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Also, while I'm at it, electric or gas? The reason I ask is that I've always gone for gas.

Until finding the deal I'm mentioning here, I'd never considered electric at all as I was certain that gas is much cheaper and cooks a lot better. My experience with electric grills for example, is slow cooking, mediocre bacon.

But, I have little surface room in my Kitchen, so a flat electric hob would be very useful in that it creates a bit of extra flat surface space.

Also, I'm now wondering. Most oven sets sold these days are electric. Today's gas prices probably mean that running costs on a gas cooker are no cheaper anymore. Also, the experience I have with electric cookers are probably old cheapo electric cookers. Have advances been made in the last 10 years? Will a modern electric cooker give me a tasty bacon sarnie?

I think that gas still cost less per joule.

I cook on electric and the only real issue is that you have think ahead when cooking as the hob retains a lot of energy so turn things down a min or two in advance etc.

OK, 1st of all I am not going to get into the cooks debate about electrice 'vs' gas.... BUT (NOte contradiction in terms coming on! LOL!) ......

I have 'heard' that a lot of pro's swer by gas hobs and electric ovens.... HOWEVER - I am not entering my plea - as I don't proclaim to be a pro...

Now then, with respect to your plight of finding another one.....

have a look at offeroftheday.co.uk/kit…ers they often have some seksi deals there that may be what you are after.

Good luck buddy!


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Thanks for the above advice. I'm looking through that offeroftheday website now.

As I said I've always gone for gas. I suppose I was hoping someone would convince me that electric was much better now.

The thing is, the surface space is a real issue, so I'm probably going to go electric based on that factor alone.

...Hold the phone. That deal I linked to... What do you do if you need to grill AND use the oven? ******! What do you do with a single oven? Bung everything in together to oven cook?

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That swear filter's a bit harsh. I only said bu**er. ...The censoring just makes me look more foulmouthed!

Double oven........ Grill and oven or oven and a half ELECTRIC OVENS ARE BETTER THAN GAS! Thats why you have so many turbo ovens and fan assisted and so on......


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Well the top of the list on that site you gave me is this double oven: currys.co.uk/pro…Day

Looks like the job. I'll e spending a bit more though seeing as I have to find a hob seperate. But hopefully it's for a much better set.

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I think I might go for a combo of this hotpoint double oven for £350 (reduced from £750 apparently) from currys:

And this samsung hob £195 (a bit annoying as it's only £140 less than with the single oven included in the earlier deal I was looking at) from pixmania:

Total: £545

...I'm spending £180 more than I thought, but getting a double oven and hopefully a much better quality oven than the samsung.

I used to have a very similar double oven (BD41 I think) and loved it !!!!!!!

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Nice to know. Thanks.
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