Need an iPad 3 case, Where Can I Buy One?

    Long story short, my grandad is in hospital and I've bought him an old iPad 3 to keep him occupied whilst he stays there. He is extremely weak and can no longer lift his right arm (right handed) so he's using his left arm for everything. I suspect he might drop the iPad from his hospital bed at some point because of this, so I'm looking for sturdy a case to prevent the screen breaking. Ideally one from a physical store so I can pick it up tomorrow (Monday) before I visit him, anywhere will do as I have every shop under the sun in Cardiff. The problem is there are so many iPad revisions and some overlap in size etc I'm lost as to which case is the correct size. If anyone can help/pick one out that would fit I'd thoroughly appreciate it.

    Thank you


    I have seen them in poundshop some in boots and Clair's etc
    they will be heavily discounted
    just remember
    iPad 1 different
    iPad 2/3. same
    iPad 4 or iPad air I think are same

    iPad 2,3 & 4 all fit the same case. I bought a very nice Griffin case in Poundland recently. Hope your grandad gets better soon.

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    Got one from CEX today as Poundland only had mini cases, I actually laughed out loud when the cashier told me the price.


    Thanks for the replies though guys!
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