Need an iPad, too many to choose from?

    Which one do I go for around £300?…rch

    Anything I should know? Thanks!


    Through personal experience 16GB isn't gonna cut it. Pay the little bit extra and get 64GB. As for the iPad Air I skipped that generation and went from the iPad 4 to the iPad Air 2, but the iPad 4 was great and the iPad Air 2 I have now is great, so I would think the original iPad Air would be very good too.

    You can pick up an iPad Air on here pretty cheap with some decent storage... agree with above post go for 64GB

    Don't go for 16GB.

    These days it's just not enough.

    I only have about 15 apps and my iPad is full so I can't update the software.

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    So iPad Air 2 64gb got it. Any point waiting for the 3rd or buying the Pro?

    Best deals currently?
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    Pro is amazing.... Can't fault it

    iPad Pro 9.7" may be around your budget if you keep an eye on eBay. Give me 5 min and I'll post a screen shot of benchmark

    iPad Pro sound is amazing, depends on your needs though.

    Highly recommend the Air 2 64gb. Might be worth waiting to see if new iPads come out in Sept, if so it may reduce the price on the Air 2
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