Need battery for I-mate SP3 phone

    Since my wife dropped her SP3 to water, battery behaves erraticaly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
    Looks like I need new battery...
    I've been looking on a web and found a couple of retailers. However, none of them are known to me (no surprise really - I do not know many of phone parts suppliers).
    Most of those shops are selling batteries under a tenner. Amazon, for example is selling it for 16 quid.

    These shops are:
    Mobile Joy
    Mobile Phone Battery
    First Phone Shop
    and others

    It seems that the only branded one is from Amazon.

    Question: does anyone knows these companies (I don't mean Amazon :))? Are they reputable?

    Any advice appreciated.


    do you know for sure the battery is faulty?

    Original Poster

    Well.. I don't. If phone is running off battery then screen starting to change colours (really weird). If it is running off USB cable (either PC or charger) then there is nothing like that. So I suspect that faults could be:
    1. Recharging circuitry
    2. Power circuitry
    3. Battery
    4. Screen circuitry (when battery power drops below some threshold it is starting to play).

    Any other ideas apart from putting this phone straight to bin?

    yes buy a very cheap battery from ebay just to test it... if you pay £10-£15 and wasn't the battery then is a big loss but 2-3 quids if you buy from ebay that's looks OK

    Original Poster

    Need to think about it. I found cheap battery on ebay for a bit less than 6 quid delivered. Might be a good solution... Thanks!
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