Need Bluetooth earbuds with decent mic

Posted 1st Jan
I have some important conference calls coming up and I've used these SoundPEATS earphones in the past…c=1 but I've lost the tips so I need to get a new pair.

I'll only wear the left earbud as I have tinnitus in my right ear and that makes it easier to clip the controls/mic to my shirt if that makes my voice clearer to the other end. I'll be using them at home, so if necessary I can keep the charging cable plugged in whilst using them. I can't use wired headphones as the socket on my phone doesn't work properly. So I'm looking for advice on which Bluetooth earphones have the best mic quality. I need something where I won't need to hold the mic next to my mouth whilst I'm talking and it will pick my voice up clearly just hanging next to my cheek or clipped onto my shirt.

These are a few options I've found:
Anker Spirit Pro £24.99 with £15 voucher (I looked at the non-pro for £17.99 first but some reviews said the mic quality is much better on the Pro)…2N/

Anker Wireless £18 with 10% discount…C4/

Taotronics Bluetooth £16.99 with £3 voucher…BM/

SoundPEATS Bluetooth £17.99…9W/
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maaaan, stop being a tight asssss
I found the AirPods pro good, if you can stretch another £220
RawMukky02/01/2020 00:12

I found the AirPods pro good, if you can stretch another £220

Yeah, not looking to spend that sort of money thanks.

I decided to order these Anker Spirit Pro as I need a new pair of buds for listening to music anyway and the mic quality might be OK.…2N/

I could order something else just for calls though if the mic quality is going to be a lot better.

This might be OK for £19.99 but the USB charging port is on the front, which would make it impossible to have it charging whilst I'm using it and I'd be worried that it might not last as long as I need it to without charging, despite the quoted talk time of 13 hours. There's also comments about it losing connection.…RX8

This might be OK for £15.99 but some reviews mention issues with the earclip detaching.…71S

This is a bit more expensive at £29.99 but if the quality is much better it's worth spending a bit more.…BMH

I'm only going to be using it at my desk so ideally I'd use a wired mic and headphones so I didn't have to worry about batteries or Bluetooth dropping out. I've got a Sony wired lapel mic but that doesn't seem to work properly with my phone as it's very quiet when I do a test recording. I found a three-pole 2.5mm plug to socket adapter and plugging my headphones into that works, so I guess I might be able to do that and then use the mic on the phone in handsfree mode if it picks me up clearly enough sitting on my desk.

I wonder if there's any way to direct audio devices on my PC to my android phone using Bluetooth? Then I could use my headphones and lapel mic, which work well with my PC. I thought about using Skype but I haven't had a good experience with VOIP in the past (quality has always been very flaky) and I need to record my calls, which I don't know if I can do with Skype.
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