Need Broadband free migration, no contract!!! Are you on Be or Freeola BB?

Found 7th Feb 2008

I took out the free O2 trial broadband for 3 months, from there I migrated to plus net which is currently giving me 3 months free broadband. However, I do not need fast broadband, but just need to keep the connection active or cancel it with ease if necessary.

What I am looking for is a bb supplier offering free migration, cheap monthly rate and 1 month contract.

I have been looking at freeola which offers first month at £9.99, free migration, 1 month contract, but then it goes upto £20/month thereafter. Anyone know if freeola do a recommend a friend scheme?

The other option is Be, giving me £40 quidco, £18/month for unlimited and a 3 month contract. If I could find a way to get free connection (costs £23) it would be worth it! Is there anyone who is already on Be and would like to recommend me so we both get 1 month free??

The 3rd option is Virgin ADSL offering 9.99/month deal. BUT they have finished their 28 days money back guarantee (maybe they haven't but there is no mention of it on the website anymore) so if they are crap I will be stuck with them for a year.

can anyone give me any other advice on how I can keep my connection active with the minimum of money and if necessary be free to cancel it.

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No experience with freeola and have heard some bad things about Virgin (they consider 400kbps is 'acceptable' on up to 8Mb broadband apparently)

I'm on Be Unlimited, they are probably one of the better ISP I've used after leaving the horrible Pipex and slightly better Nildram. Never had a down time when migrated from Nildram to Be, I think it happened overnight. I do recommend them, however bear in mind that if you later decide to migrate from Be to another ISP, the new ISP will very likely charge you a connection fee (Because Be is a LLU provider after all)

Just want to clarify that Be does have a Fair Usage Policy, so technically it's not "unlimited". Though they never state how much you can use and I haven't heard of anyone getting told of using too much, if they have I'd probably got banned by now :whistling:. Also Be Unlimited and Be Pro has no contract, BUT you have to give 3 months notice if you want to leave no matter how long you are with them (harsh if you ask me). Oh when I applied last year I got £50 quidco :thumbsup:

Alternatively you might want to consider those Entanet resellers (off top of my head ADSL24, UKFSN, Titan, Aquiss, etc), they have free migration, 1 month contract, and plenty of usage plans to choose from. They are essentially the same, except the support and extras you get (like webspace).
]Bethere have raised their Quidco cashback to £55 until 15th February :thumbsup:
Thanks guys, both of you have given me the info that I need to get Be free for 3 months. £55 quidco and I have found a free connection code which I will double check if it works and will post here if it does.
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