Need broadband urgently

Found 24th Aug 2017
We tried to play the game with Sky but failed as we are now 2 days from the contract ending and too late to reinstate broadband.

Which company would be the quickest to take a broadband contract with please?
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andybriggs0324 m ago


Unfortunatey they don't have broadband on this estate which is new, very frustrating. Looks like we're going to have to go to BT
how about three and their homefi?
Yes that too, but very limited, just make sure you can tether an whether the plan is unlimited eff etc
What about A&A? is your best bet.
pixelFlow13 m ago

What about A&A? is your best bet.

Expensive, additional equipment needed, why best bet, how long is installation time?
Anyone except Virgin Media will take the same time frame, as it's Openreach who provide the setup.
Just make sure you don't try and keep the same number or the order will most likely fail, a transfer on a pending stopped line doesn't go well.
As stated broadband/fttc will do through openreach, so all isp's will have the same sort of lead time.
I've been with PlusNet a number of years and always get a decent deal with them.
Good serive for broadband. Phone and online chat support are good, they use to have a really good online support ticket system but that's not hidden behind the layers of online FAQ.

Have a look at moneysupermarket, uswitch or broadbandchoices. Then use the filters for your requirements of phone/broadband etc.

Remember look at topcashback which might have a deal on for one of the providers.
Could you not just tell Sky that you wish to stay with them as you are still within your contract. Worth a try.
Your best bet is to go to EE or Three and get a 1 month rolling MiFi until you sort out broadband.
Thanks all. We went with BT and whilst we wait for connection they gave us free BT Fon code so we can use the internet until properly connected.
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