Need cheap "buy in town tomorrow" o2 PAYG to put sim from broken o2 contract phone,

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Found 19th Jul 2009
Without going into a load of details of WHY I can't do an online deal or want a contract etc, all I need is to be able to buy the cheapest possible o2 contract phone to stick the SIM from my broken Sony k750i in tomorrow as I drive through Worcester.

Once I get back from what I'm doing, I can take a bit more time to think about replacing it properly, but right now it's just important that I have basic functionality of text and calls on that same number for as cheap as possible. I'm not familiar with Worcester either, but I'm guessing it'll have most chains, but I'd be really grateful if someone knew of something compatible for under £40. Even a Tesco deal or something - as long as it takes that o2 sim. Thanks!


The SIM will work fine in any PAYG phone on o2 or unlocked. All phones bought from an o2 shop will work and all from carphone warehouse / phones 4 u should work (make sure that you get them to confirm it is unlocked though).

You can probably get a basic phone for £10-£20 but may need to buy some credit (e.g. £10) with it.

An example (if you can find it instore): ]Sagem MY521X for £9.95 when bought with £10 airtime at Carphone Warehouse

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Thanks Russ2626, and thanks jeany123 except there's no Asda in Worcester apparently!

There is a CeX shop in Worcester which will have loads of mobiles in, they will have labels on from the networks, or unlocked.

CeX is like a trade in shop, and will have hundreds of different mobiles.

Location cex.co.uk/sto…=81

Prices are also on the website

This link should show you Stock at Worcester that are locked to o2.

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