need cheap flights to Turkey (dalaman) going around 5th july. got b&b for £35 a week :)

    best i can find is £109 one way which all i need as plan to stay for few weeks+ .i have sorted a hotel b&b for just £35 a week i have been to before and great for the money £5 a night so cheap for just one person only about £45 if there is 2 of you incase anyone intrested. you get great size pool and never busy as only small hotel and ther is a english run bar right next to it which is great for food and if on your own for english company

    Looking for a cheap flights any one beat £100?


    any date within the next week?

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    yes looking to go the around 5th july

    looks a really nice place



    yes looking to go the around 5th july

    Where from?

    found this one with thomas cook - direct and go through quidco its…asp?PersistID=Q09;{0A01FCA8-C02F-402A-85CE-D356A8F78812};200806300027;14400
    going on 5th july -wasnt sure which date you wanted
    and this one £148 but just realised you need single sorry will keep looking…asp?PersistID=Q30;{0DA4FB38-CA44-48DC-9AA4-E1F7B83AC53A};200806300032;14400

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    Where from?

    any london airport luton best

    £100 looks good to me.....


    If you give one of the agents doing Turkey Hols they will find you a good flight deal
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