Need Cheap Speakers for PC

    Hi All

    At the moment i use some logitech headphones for my pc (I dont use speakers as i am considerate person and dont want to annoy others when playing BF2142).

    Anyway i have dropped/stood upon and abused my headphones to where one of the ear pieces is hanging by a thread.

    I was looking to replacement with some other head phones but thought why dont i use my "Sennheiser RS130 Wireless Headphones RS 130".

    However i have no connections in my pc that i can plug them into that registers sound at the other.

    From what i can remember most desktop speakers have a connection for you to plug headphones in so I was wondering does anyone know of any speakers for sales for say less than a £10 that i can plug my wireless headphones into for gaming online.

    Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:



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    you'll need to take your spend to £15 to qualify for free delivery.

    Original Poster

    Cheers Currychops will take a gander.

    What about these great 2.1 speakers, shown as £25 but if you fins something else for £5 you can use the £10 off £30 with google :thumbsup:…335
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