Need cheaper Pilot FriXion pens - any help please?

Found 23rd Jan 2015
My daughters junior school only used to let them use fountain pens which was sometimes quite hard. Now these have changed to say you must use fibre tipped pens which have to be erasable as well so books are not so messy. In principle fine but most of the kids are using the Pilot Frixion pens which I find so expensive with prices varying from £8 for 3 upwards depending on where you buy them. A pen doesn't last long and she has gone through several of these in a couple of months. Sometimes the refills are dearer than buying new pens as well, plus she can only write in blue ink. Does anyone know where or how I can get hold of these pens a lot cheaper please as its such a nightmare????
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My kids use these too...Rymans once had an offer on them 3 for 2 i think..At the beginning of school year Tesco had them half price, not sure if they still have.. Also Morrisons and Asda sometimes have these cheap too.
Hiya, I found the blue refills on amazon - I think it was about £3 for three in a pack, they come direct from japan. Hope this helps x
Whilst blue ink looks nicer surely this is discrimination against families with not as much income. If the school wants her to write in a certain pen they should provide it. If it has to be eraseable. What were pencils invented for. On another note I noticed Tesco had them in clearance the other week for £1 each. Only saw black though
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