Need Cheapest 14 foot trampoline

Hi All

Had a nightmare today :-(

Bought what i thought was a trampoline and enclosure from Littlewoods via someone posting a hotdeal on this site.

Stupid stupid me thought 50 quid for a trampoline enclosure is a bargain.

Anyway after opening it and going back littlewoods website i now realise it is enclosure only.

So i am stuck.

Can i send it back and get a refund? Will they pick it up?

Anyway if anyone knows of a site/link for a 14ft trampoline i would be most gratefull. Now to tell my nephew he might not be getting a trampoline :-(




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Oh and if someone doesnt know where there is a cheap 14ft, 12ft may do. Thanks!!

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Nps. Thanks for info and advice.

only if its unopened. if youve opened it im not so sure.

Please don't be just be tempted by the price, my kids have bounced on cheap and expsensive trampolines and believe me you will regret buying a cheapo one by this time next year.

Buying off the net you will never see the quality of the springs, pads and enclosure etc.

There are several supermarkets/diy places doing them at the moment and the quality looks rubbish.
Spend as much as you can, you will not regret it.

To an extent, but ours was £150 for 12ft trampoline and enclosure and it's seen us and two boys through two summers. You do get what you pay for, but for general family use you don't need to spend £500+

Asda had one the other day and Makro too but not sure on the prices. Remember thinking Asda was a good price. Not sure how much this helps but a call to your local Asda might shed some light

The asda one is on here - 10' at £48 hope that helps

focus have a 12 ft one for £99.99 and you can get 10% discount either via a oap or moving house card. so £89.99.

extra value 14ft trampoline plus safety net £119 incl vat at ebuyer - just had email this morning (qf126626)
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