Need cheap/light laptop/netbook for travels...any advice?

    Off to Thailand in May for 3 months, and although we're backpacking, I'd still like to take a laptop/netbook of some kind.

    basically I'll need it for email/quick internet but mainly for pulling pics off my camera/SD card for safe keeping.

    not wanting to take my macbook for this purpose as whatever I take will probably get a bit of a bashing and I need something light and as cheap as poss.

    anyone got any ideas?


    sounds like a netbook would be ideal for you.
    I'd personally reccomend the asus eee series... they're pretty useable and they have quite long battery lives.
    some of the older models, can be had on ebay quite cheaply, e.g. eee 901 (which I have and think is pretty awesome) goes for the 100-125 mark, which is about as cheap as you're likely to get a netbook!

    MSI Wind U100 ...:thumbsup:
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