Found 25th Feb 2009
Right, im looking to buy this graphics card…701
and i will also be buying a 600w PSU for it, im running a pentium 4 2.93ghz (not yet overclocked) and 2gig DDR2 RAM. (not my main computer, just one i picked up the other day and want it to play some awesome games, just wanna make sure the mobo can handle the new GFX card
please can you tell me if the mobo can COPE!!! and will there be any hurdles or problems?? would really love anyone for helping me out here!! tah!

i have this Mobo:
(will post printscreen of what cpu-z says it is in next post)
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MOBO pic
Yeah should do, would be more definite if you could post PSU specs
ebuyer quickfind code: 120676
NEED A PSU WHICH WILL WORK PLEASE! someone just point out one that is cheap and good please

Tah :thumbsup:
Yes your mobo should be fine with that card,However some games are cpu intensive and you processor may slow things down just a bit,
this will do ,used one with a 8800gt and works fine,quiet too…165
Why dont you keep that killer pc you are selling, you say that is great for games :thumbsup:…to/
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