Need DisplayPort to Mini Display Port

Posted 21st Mar

I have a samsung space monitor which has HDMI, Mini DP support. PS4 is connected to monitor using HDMI. I tried connecting PC to monitor and doesn't work. My PC has DisplayPort output.

Are there any cable that will allow me to connect PC to monitor via miniDP port?
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DP 1.2 Cable 144hz Mini Displayport to Displayport 1.2 Cable Cord 1.8M(6FT), BolAAzuL 4K/60Hz 2K/144Hz Mini DP Male to DP Male Cable…2JE
Rule of thumb (if you don't need it next day) is that 90% of the time it's always cheaper on ebay.
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It's unusual to have a MiniDP input on a monitor, usually it's an output for daisy chaining. It does appear to be an input in this case though.

In which way did you connect the PC that didn't work? It should just be a case of using a DisplayPort cable with a Mini connector on one end and a full size connector on the other.
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