Need dvd drive / archos/ ipod advice/help please

Found 4th Aug 2009
Hi, need some help please. I have some USA region 1 box sets etc I'd like to put on my archos and ipod touch. If I get an external USB dvd drive, will it set itself to the region of the first disc I put in? So then I can use that just for the region 1 dvds? I really don't want to change the existing drive I have in my sony vaio laptop or use any software to over-ride it. If the above would work, can anyone recommend a good drive at a good price somewhere?

Thanks for any help or advice you can offer.
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Have a look here…ee/ most drives can be made entirely region free.
Thanks but I've already looked into that type of thing and I really don't want to fiddle about with the existing drive. I just want to know about adding on an extra usb drive.
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