need external device to record programmes on samsung smart tv

Posted 1st Nov
Not too sure what i need, maybe 5 programmes a week and the occasional freezing of live play til later. will be recorded and later viewed on sme set
some say a usb is fine, others say i need a bigger box. I'm hoping for the price to be £20-30 but I 'd love to hear from other peoples experience
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Just google usb external hard drive and get one in your price range anything over 500gb will give you hours of tv, the first hit I got of a search was a refurbed 1.5tb for £37.99 but there’s always deals about..
The refurbished WD ones are excellent value and perfect for the job, normally on offer and can be seen on here quite often…ied
Get a PORTABLE external drive which won't need another plug. It'll take its power from the usb port.
Usb for pausing, on demand for the rest
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