Need external hard drive recommendations

    I am on the hunt for an external hard drive for my girlfriend's iMac, and come seeking recommendations from you fine people. Unfortunately I am simply not really in the know in this area and can't tell a reliable brand from a dodgy brand, and all that internet searching seems to bring up is bad reviews for virtually all the brands (whether or not this is an industry trend I don't know).

    It needs to be at least 500GB and AC powered would be fine considering it will be sitting on a desk. Reliability is the main requirement, so whilst I have noted a few on here recently (the 1TB Iomega from Comet caught my eye because I have a 500GB Iomega that has been going forever) I am more than willing to spend a bit more to guarantee reliability.

    So you recommendations please, people. I offer rep for helpful answers, for it is all I have to give.



    Extremely reliable and Apple friendly.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Has anyone got any comment to make on the Western Digital Elements drive?

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    I went ahead and ordered the 500GB Seagate one that Summoner recommended. Thanks to all three of you; you have been repped.
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