Need for speed: Undercover

    Has anyone got this and would you say it would be worth £15??


    where about is it £15?

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    i have some hmv vouchers

    my nephew had it for christmas and played it most of the day. I looked now and then and it seemed like every other need for speed he has (I know he has lots).

    you guessed right...I am not a gamer but looked same old same old to me. cars police stupid game play (hit a lampstand and the lampstand gets out the way) repetitive 'radio clips' just a.n.other set of street circuits. :?

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    hmm thanks for that, its really between this and midnight club so i might go for MC:LA but i will wait for a few more reviews

    People say midnight club is better but my personal preference is nfs undercover

    I was gonna say get MC LA as well

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    looks like mcla it is then

    yh lots of reviews say MC LA is ALOT better than NFS U

    my review was a bit shallow, i opted for NFSU because of the sexy ladies
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