Need foreign euro spend card, only 40% eligibility for Halifax Clarity but 90% for others - need help with options

Found 21st Aug 2017
Hi all. (TLDR: Best euro card if can't get Halifax Clarity?)

I'm in need of a euro spending credit card. I did the eligibility check for Halifax Clarity and it's 40% so not going to apply.

However, I am 90% for Aqua Reward, Aqua Advance, and 'B' Credit Card (from Clydesbank and Yorkshire Bank) which have 0% foreign spend rate. Plus some others that aren't as attractive. Post Office and Barclaycard didn't give an eligibility score so assuming super low. I will be paying off full each month (ie no debt carried over).

They all give out Mastercards and MSE on the Halifax clarity states that the rate is so good because it's set by Mastercard. However, the others do not say who the rate is set by so assuming the credit card provider? BUT, Aqua Advance has £31 cashback via quidco so that seems attractive but the one review on quidco states he was declined for cashback and his barclaycard was actually a better rate.

So what would you do?
  • Aqua Reward, terrible cash withdrawal rate so will need to exchange some € too. But has £31 'possible' cashback and 0.5% cashback on spending
  • Aqua Advance. Better rate of cashback withdrawal, but not as good as...
  • 'B' Credit Card from Clydesbank and Yorkshire. Needs an app to run (don't mind). Better rate of cash withdrawal.

On paper, Aqua Reward looks best but I can't find anywhere to compare euro rate with others or who they are set by. I only want to do one application to protect credit rating. My Credit rating is OK but could always be better.

If anyone knows if the rate is set by Mastercard on any of the above bullet points that would be best. If not, Aqua Reward with the cashback is best. But what if just taking cash is best? Also, surprised the Aqua Reward hasn't been posted as a deal with the cashback from quidco so that makes me suspect too.

I'm open other options too. Debit or prepaid but it sounds like these aren't as good as the credit.

I travel 8th October so plenty of time.

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I use the Revolut Card (pre pay card.) I find the exchange rates really good. You can withdraw up to £200 per month from an ATM for free and then there is a 0.5% fee after that.
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Thanks of the monzo tips - it didn't come up in my search yet there is an MSE article for it. Sounds perfect - I think I didn't scroll down to it as earlier it said that pre-paid cards aren't as good as credit.
mattsk14 h, 46 m ago


Yeah, I saw that too after looking up monzo. Gonna do a proper pro/con at some point this week and go for one of them
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