Need foreign money

    i'm off to egypt in a week, and i need to buy £200 worth of egyptian pound. where can i get the best exchange rate?


    not sure whether you'll get a better exchange rate in egypt compared to here or not.
    if it's the same, the best is to have a Nationwide debit card as they don't charge for overseas transactions including withdrawals (i never exchange money, always just withdraw from a local cash machine).

    i've always been under the impression from what i've heard that gbp, euros and usd are more generally accepted in egypt than their own currency

    We went to egypt last year, everyone wanted english money and if we did need eygptian pounds we just exchanged them at the hotel reception as the exchange rate was better anyway. We went all inclusive and trips were paid in english pounds gifts were bought in english pounds and tips were given in english pound, we did take £200 pounds worth for egyptian and were trying to find things to buy with it on the last day. We also took £800 english and came home with £700, we did everything we wanted quad biking, desert safari, boat trips, ate out in the evenings bought gift, you name it but everything is so cheap. Hope this helps

    A an Egyptian,I go to Egypt every year. The exchange rate is definitly much much better in Egypt than here and it is so easy to exchange but i advise you not to exchange your money in the airport unless you have to then exchange like £10 for tips and exchange the rest outside,I hope this helped.

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    alright, didn't know this, i'll just take some GBP, although not sure i'll be comfortable carrying that much in my wallet. thanks for the info guys

    The best in UK is probably travelex online, book it online and collect it from the departure airport on the day you fly.
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