Need games for 6 yr olds ds lite please

I bought a cartridge so all his games could be on one disk but I can't get on with it, everytime I add a new game it goes caputt and I end up starting again.

Anyone out there have one they don't need anymore that I could buy please?


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Thanks, but I already know what games he likes, that's not what I asked for. I'm not looking for a single game, cough cough

are you asking for originals?

If so, I have the following:

Juiced 2
Smackdown Vs Raw 08
The Simpsons Game
Need for Speed Pro Street
Brain Training
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Real Football 2008
Fifa 08
Mario Kart DS.

Would do the ten games for £45

Edit, Sorry: Didn't read OP. You are not allowed to buy/sell these types of cards (R4, TTDS) on HUKD

What about the new Harry Potter (HBP) game
any of the lego games

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Ok thanks guy's closing this thread now as the type of card I am after is not allowed to be sold on here

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bazzaric that's a really good price by the way, you could make more on fleabay if you could be bothered ;-)

Expired and closed as requested, thanks for letting us know

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