Need good laptop deal!!!

    Would like your advice, need a laptop for internet surfing and a good webcam only, doesn't need anything fancy. originally planned to get a pavillion from currys for £309 but its gone..... any suggestions??????


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    oh and between £300 and £350 would be good!

    ALDI .... mate at work has been looking at them for himself - [url][/url]

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    my flatmate got his PC from aldi, was really good, but the latops they have i'm not a big fan of.

    delll are flogging a nice 15" inspiron for 349 delivered

    Some good ones here refurb's but i got 1 mine came with 12 months warantee and i swear it was new…rue

    Ive had my HP for a year now, and its been great. Very sturdy built, not rattly or plasticky. Its a normal run of the mill thing and it cost me about £320. I settled on this brand because they do an extended three year warranty for £40 odds, unlike brands such as dell where it would be four or five times that price.

    I didn't realise at the time that I could have submitted a "cashback" offer claim, and got my warranty for £2 odds! I see they are still doing the cashback offer, may be well worth your time taking a look and seeing if there is something that suits you. ps. its not just on this site Ive linked you to, Im sure you can go to the actual HP site and get all the details there too.…asp

    Dell were offering 2 years for free, 3 for extra £50ish, but it does vary, so therealslimkaty is mostly correct.

    Regarding refurbs, that still falls under UK Law where retailer must provide 12months warranty. Unfortunately most people see that as the be all of consumer coverage, technically this is not accurate, you can take most items back after a year, but will have to convince the minimum wage cheaply trained monkey in customer services about UK Laws that if a item stopped working at 15months it was sold to you as not fit for purpose as there was no indication it was a short term temporary working device under the sales of goods act.…asp

    When you buy one of these featured HP products between 01/12/2008 and 31/12/2008, you will be entitled to claim up to £100* cash back!

    Looks like it was a nice deal last year...

    Aww looks like I totally mucked up last night, Im sorry :(. I did actually check the official HP site and they still have a "Cashback" page there. But just now I looked in the terms and conditions and it ended on 31 October 2009. (THIS year).

    I checked the Dell site, and I can't find any sign of free extended warranty, other than their "one year warranty" included in the laptop price, which I suppose is better than their old usual 12 week warranty you got on any new computer.

    Anyway, good luck OP! I still think the HP is good value with the cheap 3 year extended warranty.
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