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Was on Tottenham Court Road today looking for TV's and found a blinding deal for a 32" HD ready LG TV. The problem is that it isn't HDMI which i need for my Xbox, however he said i can just use componants and its the same as HDMI but i wont hear any sound.

Is he correct or is he talking salesman BULL


How good a deal was it?

Microsoft have not yet released a hdmi cable yet have they? Never checked for a while as mine died a while back so I sold it for repair.

Up till the time of my 360 death the only decent way to connect was via component. I connected mine via component and I received sound.

I personally would not purchase a tv without a hdmi port, what if you want to use it for watching tv in the future? It may not be HDCP enabled if it does not have a hdmi slot which could well result in you not being able to watch a lot of HD content. There really is no point in purchasing a tv for HD content if it does not have a HDCP enabled HDMI port.

Let us know how good a deal he offered you?

But to answer your question instead of me talking you into purchasing a tv with HDMI, yes you can connect via component and it will be a very very good picture, maybe almost as good as HDMI to a lot of peoples eyesight.

Take a look at some of the deals on here for HD tv's, some are very very good.

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It was this tv…tml

and he said i could have to for £400.

It was there previous model and they had a newer model that was 26" for £450.

If you live in London its definatley worth visitng Tottenham Court road and try to Haggle.

Technosonic 32" in woolworths for £400 with hdmi

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Do you own that TV?

Personally im hugely detered by the quailty of the brand...

I watched a bit of Sky HD last week on a friends tv and I couldn't tell the difference, I kept switching between sky sports 1 and HD but nothing, a load of hype over nothing if you ask me!

Be carefull, a television with a hdmi socket and "hd ready" badge does not mean it will produce a full high def picture. The cheaper sets (and indeed a lot of expensive ones too) will accecpt the hdmi signal then downscale the signal to display on an ordinary cheep lcd screen. Thats why they say hd ready yes it means they are ready to accecpt the signal but they dont necessarily mean they will display in true 1080 hd format (maybe thats why you noticed no difference in the two sky programmes). what you need is a television displaying the full 1080 hd picture you will not be dissipointed. I cannot really see the point in paying all that money for sky hd then spoiling the effect by downscaling (or downgrading) the signal on a tv that is just hd ready.

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Ah thanks mate. so is 780 no good?

The Industry standard high def is 1080 but with 780 at least you are heading the right way!:-D

In terms of the industry standard, it's 720p, especially for your xbox (i'm assuming 360) which is what nearly all 360 games are rendered at. Also, you will hear sound from you xbox in component, but vga produces a crisper picture. 360 doesnt have hdmi yet.

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So would people recommend going for it? Anyone who has one or seen one in operation?

personally i would say before buying a tv go and see it in action. pop into currys/comet see if they have a model you like then see how cheap you can get it online.

for HD you want Either for 720p a resolution of 1280X720 or greater and 1080p/i is 1920X1080 or greater

dont be fooled into buying a cheap big screen that is HD Ready and lower than the 720p as you wont be watching a HD image

Don't buy it !!!!!

It's HD compatible, not HD ready

Get one with proper HDMI, you'll need it soon enough for HD DVD's etc

Agreed ! without HDMI it's not HD ready !

Look at the 32LX2r from LG, I have it and can thoroughly recommend it. HDMI does actually make quite a difference even from my Denon 1920 upscaler.

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Thanks for all the advice guys. I'll hold out.


The specs state that DHCP via DVI is supported. To be HD Ready, you need to support at least 720P and support HDCP via either HDMI or DVI.

So it is HD Ready. And having DVI means you can nice-and-easy stick your DVI-equipped PC on it. Also, you could get an HDMI-interfaced DVD player and pass video to the DVI through it via an adapter cable.

TVs pumped video via component (which the xbox and xbox360th have as options) usually means you also have to stick the audio through the typical red/white RCA/phono connectors. Or go via an external AV amplifier, if you want the full 5.1 etc.

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looking at the link it clearly states it is HD ready and not HD compatable.

In the shop they had an xbox set up to a HD tv through componants and not and worked fine

Hi donleeone! I'm looking for buying a tv at the moment. Could you please tell me the name of the shop where you saw this deal and also were there many deals in store. Are the tv's instore cheap than on the net?


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Hi donleeone! I'm looking for buying a tv at the moment. Could you please … Hi donleeone! I'm looking for buying a tv at the moment. Could you please tell me the name of the shop where you saw this deal and also were there many deals in store. Are the tv's instore cheap than on the net?Cheers

Well usually Shops cant match internet prices due to the cheaper running costs. However in places such as tottenham court road, the salesmen will usually knock off some money if you pay in cash etc...

I cant remember the name of the shop, but it was 3 floors and was really nicely set out.

Hope this helps


ALL salesmen (sorry terrible generalisation and possibly not 100% true) talk absolute bullsh*t, A: because they need to sell to make commission and B: because they are usually not trained in the products they sell. Most of the contributers on this forum have more knowledge thanks to the old interweb. Anyway what he says is partially true and to the untrained eye a component picture and HDMI may appear to be the same on an LCD TV, however the whole idea behind HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is that it can transfer the whole Digtial Image and Sound through the same cable WITHOUT CHANGING IT. The best way I can explain it is the same as having a large piece of furniture to take out your house and only a 6" doorway. In order to get it through you would need to take it apart, move it through the door and then reassemble it. This is the same when using a digital source (DVD, HD DVD, Blu Ray etc) in order to display it using a non digital input or cable it needs to be disassembled and then reassembled on the screen to pass it through your analog cable. However with HDMI cables they can support this amount of information being passed through it and it is not necessary to do anything to the original source information. Therefore you should get better quality pictures and sounds using HDMI, rather than component. Having said that the best way to decide is to visit one of these places and look at their TV's and ask what they are putting through them, some use SKY HD via Component, Some use HDMI and a Hard Drive or DVD. Then note the make and model and come back here and do a deal request for the best price.
Have a look here for a good price on a 32" LG WITH HDMI - ]http//ww…555
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