Need heavy drape Curtains Dyed

    I have some curtains which were made to measure with swags & tails. Does anyone know where I can get them professionally dyed in black colour? Have tried local dry cleaners & no one does it anymore. Thanks in advance.


    not an expert on these things but my missus wanted to do the same and all she did was bought some black colour dye and dyed them in the washing machine. thought it might help and save you some money

    Ditto just buy the Dye and follow instructions to the LETTTER will only cost you £2-3 wilco and such like have it
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    If you decide to dye them yourself check what they're made of first, cotton and linen dye well but man-made fibres like polyester and acrylic don't, also bear in mind that even if the curtains are cotton the thread they're stitched with may not be and may stay its original colour. I had this happen with a pair of white jeans I dyed black, ended up with black jeans but with white stitching!

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    Thanks for the advice, too heavy to dye ourselves but have found a professional dyer in Leicester, they dry clean aswell as dye, so let's see how they turn out.
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