NEED HELP :@

    Question is:

    Express as decibel gains or losses the power ratios:


    dont know anything about it but heres a decibel gain calculator…tml

    A Decibel is a logiarithmatic way of measuring waves, which means that numbers are relative to each other, rather than zero. Every 3db gain is a doubling of power. I can't say I've ever seen a question like the one you're posed with there (my db concerns are musical, rather than mathematic), but 200 could feasibly work out like this:

    =4 (3db)
    =8 (6db)
    =16 (9db)
    =32 (12db)
    =64 (15db)
    =128 (18db)

    Although, the last part, the 1.5625 multiple that takes you from 128 to 200, I'm stumped what that would translate to in decibels, if I'm even anywhere near right at all. 'Tis the thing with us musical types. We look at decibels in 3s, and don't really care about them as long as they're not too low and not too high. Hopefully though, this'll serve as something htat might put you on the right track, or something that'll bump the thread, so someone who actually knows stuff will be able to help. Megalomaniac and John will probably know it, they're far cleverer than I am.
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