Need help! Any advice on unlocking an LG KC550?

    Just brought an LG KC550 but its locked to virgin and am really struggling to find a way to cheaply unlock it! Anyone have any experience getting one unlocked or could suggest anywhere cheap to get it done? Thanks in advance!


    My daughter is looking to buy one of these but has only found locked to 02, the mobile phone repair stall in the nearby market says its £15 to unlock them. HTH.

    Where did you buy one locked to virgin?

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    Its on the virgin website - it was on offer for 69.99 but unfortunately its now expired! Sorry!

    Virgin themselves will provide code for £15. At least you know it'll be a legit code??


    after waiting 2 days for unlocksuperstore to finally tell me they couldn't do it, i ended up paying £10 at sky phones, coventry.
    can't see it costing any more than a tenner. one place i phoned wanted £7 but it was further away.
    hope that helps


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    Thanks for all the help. Seems like the best thing to do is take it to an unlocker in town and shop around for the best deal. Thanks guys!
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