Need help choosing 32 inch LCD Panasonic/Sony/Phillips TV please!

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Found 26th Aug 2007
I am looking to take the plunge and, now digital TV has (finally!) come to my area, purchase a futureproof 32" LCD TV.

I want (minimum): 2+ HDMI
450:1 brightness
8000:1 contrast ratio
Freeview inbuilt
S video (isn't that the 3 (2 red and a yellow) plug you can use to hook up the wii?)
2+ scart
178 degrees viewing angle
Quality sound
Quality picture
Attractive looking

I would like the sound to be good enough not to need speakers.
I need the width to be no more than 80-85cm or else I won't be able to walk into my room!

The TV has to be from the John Lewis range, as I'm paranoid and want the reassurance of their 5 year guarantee - this is an absolute must for me. However, I don't fancy the John Lewis prices so am looking for cheaper retailers they are known to pricematch, I live near Salisbury, nearest John Lewis is the Southampton store, although there is a Salisbur Waitrose with a TV section for if they have a 'the pricematch has to be within X miles' policy.

I've got it down to:

1. Panasonic Viera TX32LXD70
2. Panasonic Viera TX32LXD700
3. Sony Bravia KDL32D3000
4. Philips 32PFL9632D/10

These all have good reviews, but do you have any opinions on;
...which are better
...if worth the extra money
...where John Lewis will pricematch
...better prices at such stores

Or, I keep on hearing about 1080dp - not completely sure what this is or how this makes a TV better. Do I need it to properly futureproof it? If so which TVs have it and how much?

I'm thinking I'm going to have to spend £750 ish, not keen on spending much more, though possible to spend more if you can wow me with something! 32 inches is my maximum though, it's got to fit in my bedroom and there's an L shaped entrance and if it's any bigger I'll have to duck under the TV to get in and out!!

I would have gone to the shops to do my own research and had a look and compare them, but I haven't been well for a while and won't be able to, so am looking for a bit of help.

A massive thank you in advance.


use these codes to bring it down under 500, also you get a samsung dvd recorder as well.
not sure if it helps just saw it on another thread

Have you an aversion to the best LCD's on the market ?.....Samsung !

Don't waste your money paying for a name !


Normally £491. Enter coupon code DISC01 at checkout to buy for £478

Rockatin - your link didn't work so apologies if you were also saying the same as me.

Out of the ones you listed I'd suggest the Pan TX32LXD70. This has excellent reviews for standard definition (eg freeview) and high definition (PS3, 360, HDDVDs, Sky HD, etc).

You could go for the LXD700 but as this technology is moving so fast (and all will be obsolete next year) is it worth the extra when the LXD70 is very good?

I believe the 1080p is the number of lines on the screen. However most of the comments on the AV forums say that the benefits of 1080p on a 32" is minimal.

The samsung mentioned above is a good tv but it does not have the frequency (100mhz) of the LXD70. This higher frequency is supposed to give less motion blur.

There is a pricematch thread on the AV forums
Typically the instore price of Empire Direct or Richer Sounds are good bets to pricematch with. I don't think the pricematch has to be local although some JL stores may try and use this as an excuse. The av thread will tell you a great deal more....


http://www.currys.co.uk/martprd/stor...ory_oid=-30633use these codes to … http://www.currys.co.uk/martprd/stor...ory_oid=-30633use these codes to bring it down under 500, also you get a samsung dvd recorder as well.not sure if it helps just saw it on another thread

it was just under £600....:)

I've got the 32d3000, I got JL to price match with Empire Direct.

I was considering the Pannys as well but went with the Sony in the end.

Original Poster

For some reason I'm just not sure about Samsung...I guess I've had a few rubbish phones from them and also think the shiny TV makes it look a bit tacky...but that was when I looked at TVs a while ago, maybe they've changed. I got the Sony 3KDL32V2500 for my parent's sitting room which is just brilliant, but no longer at John Lewis and thought could get something better. The 100HZ anti blur on the panasonic sounds good too. Decisions decisions...still umming and ahhing as to which to get out of the four.

Does anyone know with the Panasonic TX32LXD700, can you use the SD slot to play mp3 and especially films? That would be a complete bonus if it does.

i would much rather the Panasonic TX32LXD700 than a Samsung any day!
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