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Found 23rd Jan 2010
Hi, I need to buy a Dictaphone to record lectures, but as I've never had one before, I've no idea where to start. I've been told to buy a good digital recorder, but I need some help in choosing the best recorder I can afford (up to £100). I'd be grateful for suggestions of good quality recorders within my budget. Thanks in advance.


I can recommend the Olympus ones. I have used one to record lectures and very happy with the results. there are several options available. Main difference being the amount of memory. BUT so long as you are happy downloading the recordings on a regular basis, you dont need all that much. My 512mb one -…8-5 - managed about 20 hours of lectures without any problems. It also has a handy function of being able to 'tag' notes on the recording. Basically, as it is recording, you click a button and it inserts a number (1,2,3,4,5,etc) so you can make a written note of something important and are then able to go directly to that part of the recording later without having to play through and find it
There seem to be several newer ones available, but for your budget I would say that is ideal. You could also consider a directional mic, (such as the sony ones -…e_3) BUT I found it simpler to sit near the front or leave the thing recording next to the person taking the lecture. others to consider -…_13 SMALLER memory onboard
and latest model…8-5
hope this helps


I can recommend the Olympus ones.

Yes me too, I'll reccommend Olympus
- [I have an Olympus DM-20]

+1 for olympus

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Thanks + rep for your replies. :thumbsup:
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