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Found 13th Nov 2008
I'm looking to start playing the eletric guitar and am into metal music so would like one that can play that kind of sound I've been looking at the BC RICH WARLOCK BK BRONCE II ( thomann.de/gb/…htm ) but not sure if this is the right choice. I don't want a piece of rubbish or top of the range gear just looking for a guitar in the middle with an amp with all the required cables etc (as a package or not) looking to spend upto £250-£300, any advice appreciated
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What about an Epiphone Les Paul Custom? Gets good reviews, and you can pick a new one up on evilbay for about £250
Its down to the pickups and the amp you use not always the guitar, Single coil pickups are found on strats and the like and Humbuckers are found on les pauls(but not all of them) my advice is find a reputable music shop and try them it doesn't matter if you can't play the advice is free and buying a instrument of the internet is not a good idea as all guitars need setting up by a good luthier to give that best sound. Good luck and welcome to the world of guitar obsession!:)
How about an ibanez?

Something like dolphinmusic.co.uk/sho…238

As above, heavy metal rock really needs decent pickups (humbuckers) - try putting the extra towards a decent pedal like a boss ds1?
is the pedal > dolphinmusic.co.uk/sho…685 ?

What AMP would you recommend? and then would that be all the equipment I need
Sounds good, what about an AMP, can you recommend one and would that be everything I need to get me started. cheers
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