Need help choosing Graphics Card

    Dudes, i am in need of a new graphics card for 2 reasons. Number 1, my current ones fan is very noisy, it pisses me the hell off.

    And 2, when installing windows 7, after the setup files are complete and the system reboots, theres a blank screen which doesnt go away, thus i dont think my current gpx card is good enough for windows 7. I have tried different discs and different versions or windows 7, but to no avial, but there isnt a problem when installing or running xp (i have dual boot). Besides it was only supposed to be a temp substitute testing card when i was having computer problems and needed to diagnose whether my previous 8400 was faulty or not.

    Current card is MSI NX 6600 256 ddr.

    My budget is up to £45 (i dont play any games)


    Ports: Vga, Hdmi (with audio compressor) and DVI
    Memory: minimum 512mb
    Preference: well known brand, no fan

    I have been looking, but theres certain things i keep coming across and i dont know enough to know whether a 512mb ddr3 card is better then say a 1gb ddr2 card or if i should be looking at more cores/clock speeds, mhz or what be it. At the moment i have come across…273 which is for 512MB XFX G 210, 800MHz GDDR2, GPU 589MHz, Shader 1402MHz, 16 Cores, D-Sub/ Dual Link DVI-I/ HDMI and it has turbocache up to 1GB. Is this the best i can get within my budget + is it any good?

    Any help would be appreciated and expertise valued. My current card sucks as s and it needs to go. Thanks.



    ati radeon 4550

    hdmi with audio, fanless…ell

    uses little power, runs cool, i have this, and works well, even plays a few games pretty well

    was quite well reviewed on trusted reviews site

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I think i should have also added that i have a 400watt psu by x-power and i would also like a nvidia card.

    But i like the fact that the card you suggested had ddr3 memory.

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    Memory doesn't mean much at all, and honestly I'd keep an eye on that PSU … Memory doesn't mean much at all, and honestly I'd keep an eye on that PSU I've never heard of x-power and it most likely can't deliver it's rated 400w.

    Thank you for responding. The power supply i have is this one…6FC from Maplins. Is it any good in your opinion or atleast on paper does it seem good? Ive had it for a few years now.

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    Anyone else?

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    Went for…273 in the end, as i dont play any games and it seemed sufficient for watching movies. Thanks guys.

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    Your one:
    540MHz Core Speed
    256MB GDDR3 Memory
    1180MHz Shader Clock
    No hdmi

    My One:
    Core Clock: 589 MHz
    512mb memory with turbocache up to 1gb
    Shader Clock: 1402 MHz

    HDMI With 7.1 audio

    Im not saying ur wrong, but please explain to me why your one you deem to be better for my needs?

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    Because GDDR3 is faster, it's also clocked higher at 1400mhz compared to … Because GDDR3 is faster, it's also clocked higher at 1400mhz compared to the GDDR2 at 800mhz. Also 128bit memory interface on the 8600gt compared to 64bit on the 210.It also has 32 cuda cores compared to 16 on yours (it is the cuda cores used to decode HD video, calculate physx, encode videos etc.And it's cheaper.

    Dammit why didnt u tell me earlier lol.

    It would have been the perfect card i guess if it had hdmi.
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