Need help chosing a 36inch+ LCD/Plasma HDTV


    We have just gotten married and now have about £400 in argos vouchers that we intend on using towards a decent flat screen TV - obviously we need to get it from Argos and we have extra cash to make up any difference so our question is which ones should we be looking at and is there any way of maximizing on the deal with the vouchers i.e. quidco etc?


    Simon and Sharon



    Sorry I can't help you in regards to which tv etc to buy, but when you have narrowed your choice down try AVForums for detailed reviews (link below).


    First piece of advice dont buy a plasma because the colour starts fading after about 8 years. You should manage to find a very good deal for LCD on here.

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    Cheers peeps,

    I thought the same about plasma which was my only real concern with them but will see what is the best deal out there vs lifetime of the product


    I have to say, I personally don't think Argos offer the best deals on their tv's as I bought one about 3 weeks ago and did loads of shopping around and found places that were undercutting them by loads.

    Is it an option to put the vouchers up for sale, say on here, as even if you take a £30 loss on their face value, you'd get a much better tv for your money elsewhere. Just to give you an idea, this is the one I bought and I think it's excellent value for money (when I say that's the one I bought, I mean that's the actual tv, not that place - this was just one of the links I saved when I was getting the best price, so it's worth checking on here and the internet when you've decided which model you want as the price differs massively from place to place)…ase

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    Thanks for that,

    I'd certainly sell them if we don't lose too much, i'll have to check exactly how much we have and pop a post on here, think it's £430 ish

    I quite like the bravia too, nice screens
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