Need help chosing a tv

    Ok my parents want to get a new tv for their living room. Now they arent very knowledgable and nor am i at chosing tv so i thought i would ask the kind people here to help them out.

    Only requirement is mum wants a 32inch tv

    something that doesnt break the bank but is good quality (maybe in the 500pounds region) maybe a sony i dont know really


    Hi the following all get the thumbs up from Which:

    Sony Bravia KDL32U3000 (£403 from pixmania)
    Panasonic Viera TX32L2D80 (£543 from PRCdirect)
    Panasonic TX32LXD70 (£499 from comet)

    I've just got a panasonic viera albeit a 42inch and am v. pleased.

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    cheers mate, i will pass all info onto my parents and let them make their mind up

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    any one else have suggestions?

    Im selling my Samsung 32" I bought it about 3 months back but only used it for just over 2 weeks as I got a 37" 1080p instead.

    I could do for £300 delivered, its has built in freeview.

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    i think they want to get it from the guy in town but want to have a price to bargin him to so ryouga they will prob pass sorry

    Lol yeah Im trying to sell it but people keep shooting down my price lol

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    lol you'l find a buyer sometime :)"

    Yeah keep getting low offers lowest I think was around £180 delivered and I was like "WTF!"

    Might try Gumtree if thats any good.

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    from what i hear there can be quite a few scammers on there so just be careful

    what tv is it samsung what model....i personal like samsungs i have the ps50 only thing is the sound cant handle the bass very well wanna get a surround system in shiny black

    Mine? its the Samsung LE32R73BD

    this one has great value for money


    Has she already got a widescreen tv as 32" is not going to be big enough unless they sit about 4 foot from the screen? Lots of first timers go from a 32" 4:3 TV only to realise too late that the equivalent w/s tv looks much smaller (and it is).

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    she has a 26inch in the other room and has decided that the 32inch is what she wants to be honest it prob wont be watched a great deal so 32inch would be fine prob
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