need help connecting ps3 to router

    i am trying connect my ps3 via a wireless connection to my bt voyager 2091. its been working fine for months but all of a sudden it just stoped connecting with error code: 80710102 its says its a dns error. i googled this problem and it says i need to replace the mac address with the ps3 one on my router settings.( the one you type your ip in the web address bar).
    i brang the ps3 near the router and connected it via ethernet and it worked. when i try connecting it via wireless there is a dns error.
    anyone know how to solve this. rep for anyone that can help solve this issue.



    i would just disconnect it through the ps3 settings and try again. you should then get the option to set DNS to auto

    have you tried turning router off for a few mins?, seems strange it was working fine so why the need for settings change?
    ps you don't type your mac address in the address bar , that is your IP address, 2 diff things.
    ps post the make and model of router


    if none of the above works, you can access your router info such as IP address, gateway, and subnet via a pc running command prompt, and typing ipconfig. Then make a note of these details and set up the connection manually on the ps3

    has your ps3 had a recent upgrade ie software, there have been reports that some versions of the firmware crash out some settings.


    no i dont think the newest update is for a couple weeks

    Original Poster

    make and model is in the original post. i have tried absolutely everything. switched of router, reset ps3 etc.
    called sony and they said call your internet provider.


    have you got msn? ill try talking you through it on that if you are still struggling add address is on profile

    Was gonna say if your internet is working fine but it obviously is!
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