Need help finding a new phone have around £300 pound to spend

    as above have about 300 pound mebbe a bit more to spend i was looking at the N97 or the N97 mini but they havent got great reviews and was also looking at Sony Xperia 1 but i am open to almost any phones at around that price any help is apreciated thanks again



    My N97 is great so don´t just rely on others. Go see one and give it a try.

    I have an N97 and after having some initial hipcups I simply love the phone, the firmware update helped a lot, and the new firmware is coming out this month.

    Only issue that I have now is that I can not unlock the 3 version so I am stuck with 3 for the time being which the reception at home is very bad, at least at work the reception is superb.

    PS: if you are not bother by the size go for the N97 if you are the get the MINI N97, and if you don't want/need a keyboard go for the 5530.

    I have a brand new, boxed HTC Hero if you are interested for £275.

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    hi ganja i might have you got a thread ur selling it in??

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    Hi Gaanja im very interested however have noticed its locked to orange i really need it unlocked do you know how much it is to get it unlocked (or even if it can be)

    No idea how much it would cost, but I bet there's plenty of info floating around on the net about this.

    Here's the thread:…new

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    Hi Gaanja ok no problem im really looking for an unlocked one and dont want the hassle of buying and finding out it cannot be unlocked sorry

    Okay, no worries and good luck.

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    good luck with your sale its a shame its not on tmobile or i would of snapped it up

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    any other suggestions?

    i have an blackyberry 8900 curve still has the seal on box its on o2 £240??

    I have a Black Hero (G2) on t-mobile for sale.

    Take a look:…nib

    Many Thanks

    Hi, i have a brand new nokia n97 vodafone, which is still sealed, for £300, interested?
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