Need Help Finding Best Contract Deal on Both The Samsung i8910 HD & S8300 Tocco Ultra

    Hi guys

    Been trying to find the best deal on the above two phones all day.

    The best I've come up with is:

    Samsung Tocco Ultra:
    Free Handset
    Orange - 24 Month Contract
    Dolphin 30 (£10 Off) = £19.57
    600 Minutes
    Unlimited Texts
    Quidco £40
    £25 Cashback Through Retailer.

    Samsung i8910 HD:
    Handset: £47.99
    Orange - 24 Month Contract
    Dolphin 25 = £24.97
    400 Minutes
    Unlimited Texts
    Quidco £35

    I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to working out the best deal for any given phone, I'd appreciate any input.



    hi there

    i posted this deal yesterday...…lp/

    ...and although its frigidly cold i still think its alright. free i8910 on a 30 quid per month contract is the best you can find right now. check out the other deals on, some of them seem very good and they have good reviews too

    if you want the tocco ultra - do not settle for anything less than 600 mins unlimited text and internet for £25/mo 18 month contract on vodafone. but you would need to call up to speak directly with vodafone sales for it.

    If you are lucky you may just be able to get the above deal for £22.50/mo.

    alternatively u could get simo deal (£15/month - 600mins ultd texts + £70 quidco) and buy the phone brand new for £200 from carphone warehouse
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