need help finding childrens sofas, settee, chairs

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Found 25th Jun 2009

hope someone can help iv e been looking for ages but cant find any im looking for the small leather or faux leather sofas for children

the real small sofas as my daughter is 2 years old

cant find any online and ive been looking for ages and ages

or if anyone has any other options or suggestions all help will be appreciated


Wilkinsons online used to have some. :thumbsup:

got leather armchair and footstool from toys r us last year

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way to go and make me feel really incompetent :thumbsup:

have some rep


way to go and make me feel really incompetent :thumbsup:have some rep

aw didn't mean too i just had some spare time :-D:oops:

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aw didn't mean too i just had some spare time :-D:oops:

lol had alook at the websites not really saw a settee that we really like but theres some furniture that im going to be buying now so thanks for having the spare time to help me :-D

o also forgot thanks for making have to spend loads more money:whistling:

Have you tried freecycle
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