Need help finding tyres with effective rim protection

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I've got 18" wheels that unfortunately seem to stick out more than I'd expect and with living in London and the narrow parking spaces I've managed to hit the kerb multiple times.resulting in quite a bit of damage. Until now I did not realize some tyres came with rim protection so I have no experience in choosing the best tyre for the job.

Any recommendations?
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"Any recommendations?"

Learn to park!

In all seriousness they only work for very light touches. Also if you hit them hard it will damage the tyre where a standard one may not. You can also rim protectors like Alloygators.
Start driving better . The over hangs on these tyres will only stop very light contact.
You can buy plastic rim protectors
Are the factory fit tyres? If not do you have the right tyres in them? You may be worth, once checking it is within specs going up a size. Say 235 to 245 width tyres.
Also probably applies more to winter and commercial tyres but XL tyres have reinforced sidewalls that tend to protrude more.
Haven't curbed an alloy in many years of driving. Have you got your mirrors angled a bit down so you can see the kerb? If you can see the wheel getting close to the kerb, just stop, nothing more to it.
You can get alloygators I think they are called. Come in all different colours but have to have somewhere fit them round the rims and you keep whatever tyres you have already. Hope that helps.
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