Need Help For Pc for a business!

looking for a pc for a business (no Monitor needed)

Absolute max £300

used for! :
word processing,
bit of poster design
the obv bit of ebay searching!

prf LEGAL!

but we have our ways!

been looking at xp professional edition and it 200£ what a joke!



Is your 300 pounds with or without VAT? You can get a Vostro 200 with XP Pro for just under 300 pounds including VAT and shipping.


Quick search on ebuyer has a HP Compaq dx2250 Microtower PC with XP Pro for £228 +VAT
None of the apps you want to run need a particularly powerful comp, you might even want to check the second hand comps in the local paper.

Any pc will really suit your needs, I'd get a second hand pc, get a new harddrive (incase there is any nasties on the old one) and go from there.

Probably cost you £100, if that.

There are tons on ebay with Xp pro floating around the £50 mark (Buy it nows)

I'd just make sure its legit xp pro with all the cd's etc.

I could build a system for you for £200 (Spec including 64bit AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, 18x DVDRW drive for data backups, integrated video and audio, keyboard, and mouse - basically, a complete base unit), including a 1yr warranty on hardware. I couldn't bundle WinXP Pro for that price, but I could include Ubuntu Linux with Open Office, if you'd like.

Would you be interested in that?

Original Poster

tell me exact spec plz! and dose it include delivery and is it new!

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whats the quietiest hard drive make?

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and also what do i need from operating system oem ?
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