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Found 17th Oct 2008
Hi. I posted last week about my son wanting to upgrade his pc so that it would support his games properly. Well after much deliberation we decided we would use his existing base unit as the foundation and just update some of the components inside - motherboard, graphics cards, processor, as the main ones. Well, it's his birthday on Monday so being as he wanted some top end things we have decided to split them between his birthday and Christmas. Without giving too much thought to whether this would work, we decided to upgrade the graphics card and processor now (along with a new psu to support the new graphics card), followed by a new m.board and more RAM for Christmas. Not all of the first batch of components have arrived yet - only the processor - an Intel e8500 2 x 3.16ghz. We have this evening installed it - very easily in fact but have run up against a problem. Now when he switches on his pc, we get a message on the monitor which says 'no signal' 'analogue'. We wondered whether the m/board is insufficient to support it, or is it something else. The m/board is an ASUS p5ld2-tvm se/s. It has only an e4300 2 x 1.8ghz processor at the moment. Could be we have to buy that new m/board now and not later but I would appreciate any guidance and help from anyone. Thanks one and all, Liz


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:?That's weird actually because the pc is a core 2 duo with an intel e4300 processor so is it by some fluke that it works. It is an Advent T9408.

fraid not,, that mainboard will only support 800mhz fsb cpus, time to order the new board
If you go to the asus website you can put in the cpu model number and it will tell you what boards will support it
Think the board you have is a mATX so you will need to get one the same size likely.…-us

I had the no signal message once after working on my pc. In my case it was easy to fix, I'd plugged the monitor cable into the VGA socket for the onboard graphics (which is disabled) instead of into the socket on the graphics card Doh!

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Thanks for all the helpful comments. The website from ASUS was useful. I guess a new motherboard is top priority. Son's birthday on Monday so off to PC World tomorrow - would rather get from internet but too late for Monday delivery now so will just have to bear the extra cost for now!
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