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    Alright i have been searching for a home cinema system, i don't mind if its a all in one box kit or separates but it has to be under £350, it has to support optical output at full Blueray standards, (PS3),
    The one i have been looking at is the Sony BDV-E370, but don't no if its worth it, asked a couple of people saying that separates are better but is it worth cashing out more on a better system?
    thank you for any reply,
    Link for BDV-E370…370
    also, i can claim Vat but you guys are better than me so come one give me some ideas!!!


    Your best bet is AVForums. They have a wealth of info for home cinema systems.



    The Jamo's are always highly rated (and a very good price there), the amp is a good entry level amp.

    I have an older version of these and find them very good, I'm no audiophile, but it's a good job the little old lady next door is deaf.....
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    Normally I'd spend a long time researching but I'm asking for someone else - what is the cheapest amp/speaker package/separates for just one HDMI input, something with ok music as well as 5.1?


    Sorry for hijacking by the way, maybe our queries throw up similar answers.

    Samsung HT-C5500 Blu-Ray 5.1 ch Home Theatre System - Wireless Rear Speaker Ready £ 271 (Amazon) - £349 (Currys et al.)

    Seems quite good and tempted for myself, though I've not yet had a play on one yet.…ail…em/

    Separates are almost always your best bet, but getting a decent amp and speakers for your budget is going to be nigh on impossible if you're buying new.

    The Sony BDV-E370 is a good system, as is the Samsung HT-C5500 as mentioned. The Sammy was supposed to have BBC iPlayer on it too, but Samsung seem to have delayed that for months now, so look elsewhere if you need it, otherwise it seems to be a great price.

    Personally, with the VAT back offer, I'd be buying the E370.
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