Need help from techieS! 64bit or 32 bit?

    Right im a bit of a noob with computers. i have choice of getting 64 bit windows or 32 bit windows, which should i choose? they are same price. im drawn towards 64 bit but i hear it doesnt work with a lot of software?
    can someone give me the basic lamens info on them?


    If you're going to be need 4GB or more ram then you have to go 64 bit, with 32 bit the most you can get is around 3.5GB or less depending on the system configuration. If you're not going to need that much memory I wouldn't be rushing for the 64 bit option although these days it works quite well.


    Most of the world runs 32 bit Windows.

    Windows is moving towards 64 bit because of support for more memory and so on.

    In the next 5 to 10 years we will all be runing 64 bit Windows. (Much business software like Unix, Sun, HP, IBM etc is already 64 bit)

    BUT at the moment 64 bit is still leading edge for home use and unless you have a very good reason for using it stick with 32 bit.

    Not all products (like printers) ship with 64 bit drivers so you may find some components do not work. Every device you buy will have 32 bit Windows drivers.

    32 bit, Ive tried 64 bit and had lots of driver issues on a couple of machines, never mind software incompatability the trouble started with drivers alone so I ended up re-installing the 32 bit windoze

    I use XP 32-bit and Vista 64-bit on my laptop, DELL provided 64-bit drivers where Microsoft did not.

    I still prefer XP though.

    I use vista 64 on my pc. It runs perfect. I recently put 2gig more ram in it and now has a total of 4gb. Theres no going back to 32bit on that computer unless I want to give up a gig of ram. Works fine with all my apps (apart from one game but im not bothered about it). Only drawback is that the drivers for my tv tuner are still non existant and probably will never be made.


    hey dude I have 64bit... everything works fine on it... and if the application does not have a 64bit version then it can install it in 32bit anyway! two things to note... groove sync is not installed on vista 64 but you can get 3rd party apps to do the same job. and my TV card doesnt seem to pick up any channels on 64bit at the mo... but there is some registry fix for it but i'm too lazy to install it right now!
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