Need help installing graphics card? Any ideas where to get a 350w power supply (agp/ide)

    Basically I got the new graphics card from here its a club 3d radeon x800 xl agp.

    Ive put it in my computer slotted it in correctly, but nothing displays on the screen :s?


    any beeps?

    Make sure it's seated correctly and any power connectors are hooked up. A lot of the X800's required extra power.

    Sounds noob but first check all your connections/cables...including the card (slotted in firmly) ...monitor etc

    Do you have multiple sources from the screen? e.g. DVI/VGA/HDMI? And is there a button to flick between the sources?

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    Erm i use a DVI cable. I figured out the problem now though, my power supply is a 250w and i need a 350w. Any ideas where to get one from?

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    Are all power supllies the same

    dont get a 350 m8, thats just the minimum it will work on, X800's are power hungry. you get a 350 and minus the hard drives, dvd drives USB devices etc that you use, you still wont have enough juice to run it.

    Look for a good 450-500w one, but not one that is that at maximum, get one that is constant, as a 500w max cheap one will run at around 350 all day and struggle to give you more, a 500 constant is guaranteed to output 500 all day, not just at it's peak.

    When i'm back later i will do some searching for you.

    The X800 will require a molex power cable of its own from the power supply too, the AGP port cannot output enough power on its own.

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    Ok thanks
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