Need help installing scanner

    iv just found my cannon scanner,think its called canoscan. Anyway iv just tried to install it manually but its saying

    "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code twenty eight)"

    I havent got the installation cd's so does that mean im doomed lol,or is there a way i can do it manually.



    try looking up the model and download the driver

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    how do i do download the driver,i will find the model number

    You can download the drivers from the cannon site.

    Here : ]http//ww…Act

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    on the front it says "canoscan lide 35"

    on the back it says:

    canon F916900

    This is the only number on the back,would this be the model number

    Follow the link i posted and it will take you through step by step.

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    iv just done it step by step syzable,this is what i got…241

    Does this mean theresno downloads

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    i think iv got it now

    On that page if you click on the DRIVERS / SOFTWARE link that's in red it will open a new page with the drivers for your version of windows. Download, install and you're ready to go.

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    ye thats what i did syzable,thanks for the help

    [SIZE=2]No problem, glad you got it sorted.[/SIZE]
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