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Found 6th Dec 2016
I am interested in a car and will call up the car dealer to discuss the car and hopefully price. How should I go about asking about the price and negotiating a lower one. I have done my research just not sure what to say.


Have you tried getting a price from drive the deal for example and then asking the dealer to price match?

Say 'how much do you want' then he will say 'I want x amount' then say 'No I will pay you this much less' then he will say 'Oooooooooooooooooh I can't go that low' then repeat until you reach a mutually agreeable amount.

Decide what price you will pay , start well below that and most important be fully prepared to walk away if you don't get the deal you want . There are plenty of cars around.

offer him lower than the price you want to pay ,negotiate up to the actual price you want to pay if he still says No then literally sorry to much then just shake their hand thank them for their time and walk away

Dont be afraid to walk away. Bought a car a few months back. Offered a silly amount for our PX, we walked away and within an hour he called 'after speaking with his manager' and offered us almost double for the PX.

Are there any visible defects with the car? ie scratches? Full service history? 12 months MOT? Anything you can say that would lower the price in your favor, you have to think like a dealer and what would they knock down the price for themselves if they were to buy the car off you. Also sometimes cash talks, if your buying in cash they tend to lower the price.

If you cant get a lower price ask for extras like free servicing for a few years. All depends on if its a mains dealer or a run of the mil weekend dealer.

Have a check about with other dealers for the same car see what price range it is, you can then say "Ford down the road have the same car with x amount of years servicing for this much lower, can you match or do better?"

Just hold your ground, they want your money, and don't fear walking away, depending on how desperate you are, there is another car round the corner which might be as good or better.
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a few more details would help ; do you have a part ex
are you paying cash
or do you have finance in place

New car - They have quotas they have to meet so work out if its month end or month beginning to get the best deal, if they hit it then you kind of know they dont want to try...

Used car - I would go with reputable dealership, there's nothing worse than getting lemons, its not worth saving the £100-200 for a lemon, or dealing with del-boys...
Everyone needs to earn a living, give your hard earned money to the people who are actually honest, rather than feed bad practices just for minimal saving.

Could you not just save that £200 on here? either buying few items less or get a good deal, you cant earn/save all the money in the world, this is a "one-off", if you've done your research there shouldn't be any surprises- just go ahead buy it and move on. - just my 2p.

ie when i say research, I mean;
You will know when next major service is, cost for that to repair?
Potential common faults- are they serious? do they cost alot of fix? does it bother you?
How long typically it will last for? what will go first?

Obviously other things like FSH, mileage, ownership, age vs price...
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No good disusing a price over the phone you want to do it face to face. People who offer me prices before even viewing the car I just say no, unless its the asking price lol.
I'm always buying and selling cars, dealers now are an absolute nightmare to get money off as they'll just sell it to somebody else.
As above has it got full service history, check the miles to the MOT (you can do this by entering the reg plate on certain sites), is it a timing belt or chain and is it due, how many owners?
I've only bought from a dealer once buying my mams car for her, the rest have been private and never had one bit of bother.
If you want put the link to the car on here or PM me and I'll check it over. I'm the most picky person ever when it comes to cars.
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good luck. most used car dealers only reduce £50!
if this is a new car then I'd just haggle. don't reduce silly amounts like 1k

Original Poster

I would go to the dealer, however the dealer is very faraway, so I dont think its actually worth me going that far just to ask for a price, with the risk of going home empty handed. I am also looking to buy in cash.

Dont be eager; I "Worked" a dealer for several weeks before getting the 2nd hand Audi I had my eye on for 20% less than the sticker price.

1st visit, nice, but too much, can you lower the price at all?? (-5% offered by dealer) Hmm, still a lot more than I really wanted, I will think about it.(Walked away).

A week later, I see you still have the car, any chance of an improved offer?? Got it down another

3rd week he bought it down to nearly the amount I wanted, so I made my offer "XX for cash, no px needed", and got the car.


good luck. most used car dealers only reduce £50! if this is a new car … good luck. most used car dealers only reduce £50! if this is a new car then I'd just haggle. don't reduce silly amounts like 1k

​£50!! I've never got less than £250 off the screen price, mostly get around £500 off. All depends on how much the car is up for though, I usually go in with the thought of around 10% off minimum and always get at least that.

If the car is second hand they would of paid approx the value ( we buy any car ) would give for it just to give you an idea of how much movement there is in the price. If you are p/x with another you may get more off than what you would as a cash buyer as they will give you as little as possible for the p/x and make there money on the p/x car.
But please bare in mind the dealer needs to make a living.

Just remember, if you're buying from a dealer then you have 6 months consumer law warranty on the don't make communication post sale hard as you may need them at a later date.

Don't forget the value of adding extras, like a free first service, if they're associated to a workshop it could be worth the ask.

The discount they offer you depends on how much they bought the car for and how much they've spent to get it in the showroom condition.

I find Summers a great time to pick up a bargain on second hand cars.

I was after a car (£5495) I rung a mate who is in the car sales buisness. He said you don't pay that price, you will get at least 10% off. So, I went back after the initial chat with him. I said "is that the best you can do"
"Just a minute" he said as we go to his office while he looks in his little book............ "The best I can do he said is £4750"
Quite happy with that deal.
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